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  1. The biggest process change that firms encounter is to do with the very act of designing. Design representations are no longer 2D drawings. Instead, designers are using 3D digital models that are assembled in the same way buildings are constructed. Using BIM, we’re able to overlap information from all of the different disciplines to come up with an integrated solution.
  2. Drawings, views, schedules, and so on are live views of the underlying building database. If a designer changes a model element, the BIM software automatically coordinates the change in all views that display that element. This change includes 2D views, such as drawings, and informational views, such as schedules. This happens because they are all views of the same underlying information.
  3. Designers need to understand how a building comes together as well as how design data is used by other disciplines outside your department and maybe outside your organisation. In addition, as digital design-to-fabrication strategies become an integral part of lean building design, extended design teams need to incorporate construction information and expertise much earlier in the design cycle.
  4. Another major impact of BIM is the emphasis on the earlier part of the design process rather than on the later part of the process as obtains in construction documentation in traditional design procurement. BIM shifts the overall level of effort to earlier in the project, potentially influencing an organisation’s project workflows and staffing needs. The traditional makeup of a design team is governed by the huge effort required to produce construction documents. In this traditional system, roles correspond to drawing types: plans, elevations, sections, details, and so on. Using BIM, reduced documentation renders this traditional project structure obsolete.  BIM teams tend to be organised around functions such as project management, content creation, building design, and documentation. This shift in production methods could prove disorienting to staff experienced in traditional design workflows. Firms, therefore, must be prepared to address the resistance to change sometimes encountered by pointing out the productivity and quality gains possible with BIM. Video      tutorials like “Revit Architecture for Beginners” helps staff to learn quickly and become productive members of the design team in the shortest possible time.

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Revit : More Reasons I like it.

The Ten More Top Reasons I Started Using Autodesk Revit Architecture Software ( And Why You Should Too……)


  1. BIM will be a UK Government requirement for Government projects from 2016.
  2. I want to get ahead of the game.
  3. It gives me commercial advantage.
  4. It saves me time.
  5. I create the model and the software does the rest, generating elevations, sections, schedules, 3d rendered images etc – an enormous productivity gain.
  6. It enables me undertake more design projects in the same time frame than I would if I do not use Building Information Modelling Software like Revit. I can offer my clients more.
  7. I can collaborate better with other professionals in the industry working from the same model.
  8. I am better able to compete with larger design practices as I can produce information in a very short time using fewer members of staff.
  9. I prefer working in 3d and with Revit, the models of buildings aid the design process.
  10. I can detect clashes quickly using the 3d models, reducing the likelihood of expensive changes later in the design and construction process.


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